Wholesale Services.

Wholesale Voice Services


As one of the leading international telecom hubs in the Pacific region, CITIC Telecom International handles a substantial portion of voice traffic for the telecom operators from all over the world. We recognize the challenges and demands of today’s dynamic economy and our commitment to providing our wholesale customers with reliable and high quality is evident in our constant upkeep with the most advanced network technology.

By first understanding and then anticipating the needs of our valued customers, CITIC Telecom International offers a comprehensive array of value-added services to give our customers the extra edge to capitalize on their business globally. With our reliable International Hubbing Services, our wholesale clients are able to provide high quality international and roaming, fixed mobile and hybrid voice traffic to their customers globally at competitive prices.

Our single source Voice Hubbing Services provides a full spectrum of wholesales voice capabilities that can be tailored to increase flexibility for our wholesales clients. CITIC Telecom International’s advanced worldwide voice networking infrastructure provides the foundation for a simplified process of purchase and increase marketability through white labels offers. You can rely on our high quality network and 24/7 live operator support to help you in profit delivery.