Wholesale Services.

Wholesale Data Services


CITIC Telecom International provides IPLC services jointly with ComNetĀ“s partners in various countries from the speed of T1/E1 to STM-4. CITIC Telecom International also co-operates with its major customers in China to provide IPLC services from the speed of E1 to STM-16. With connections to various cable systems, our services are much more stable than our competitors.

CITIC Telecom International also provides local private-leased circuit services to customers from the speed of T1/E1 to STM-16, as well as 10/100Mbps FE, GE and 10GE services. CITIC Telecom International’s local private-leased circuit services are provided using its domestic fiber optic network, which enables international and local operators to connect to HKIX2. Our linkage is already connected to major international gateways and various data centres in Hong Kong.