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International Voice Services

Premium International Direct Dialing (IDD)

At CITIC Telecom International (SEA), we are committed to helping your business expand internationally. By offering both premium and budget voice services, we ensure that our customers enjoy the benefit of choice – Premium for those ‘mission critical’ destinations, whilst Budget Voice can be deployed when cost is absolute.

Premium International Voice

We offer our customers high quality direct international calls with call clarity and fast connection time to more than 230 destinations worldwide. With our superior network, you can connect with clients and partners globally and be assured that all communication can be carried out reliably, including the instant deliverance of important documents via fax.

If you are looking at added security and cost-accountability, CITIC offers you PIN-dialing. Usage is clearly allocated by user, department or even projects, whichever you prefer.

A choice of pricing plans ensures the greatest range of flexibility:

  • Destination-based pricing
  • Volume-based pricing
  • Flat-rate pricing

Budget International Voice

Budget IDD provides customers with great deals and economical outgoing international calls to more than 230 overseas destinations. You can enjoy savings while extending your talk time.

SIP Trunk Service

The CITIC Telecom International SIP trunk service helps enterprise to simplify their network while reducing cost.
This service enhances your communications without additional investments in infrastructure.
The CITIC Telecom International SIP trunk service includes:

  • Internet data, IDD, MPLS and VPN service
  • Local land-line numbers for end-users
  • Flexible voice channel assignment
  • “Next-Generation” office environments or remote offices

International Toll Free Service

CITIC Telecom International International Toll Free Services (ITFS) provides you business opportunities without borders by offering a wide array of options to support your business reach. ITFS offers toll-free origination form a number of international destinations for termination via PSTN or dedicated access line.

With CITIC Telecom International , you can be assured that you are getting the most competitive pricing while enhancing customer service with our high quality and crystal clear connection. In addition, with our Flexible Bill Structure, you will be better able to understand the communication expenses across business units and obtain valuable information at one glance.