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Enterprise SMS

Enterprise SMS

CITIC Telecom International Enterprise SMS service provides an alternative way for companies to send and receive SMS without the need to invest in traditional telecommunications facilities or industry protocols for exchanging SMS messages. Companies that want to stay in touch with their staff and customers can use our Enterprise SMS solutions to benefit from the most cost-effective way to achieve instant mobile communications.

  • Dedicated throughput rates

    Our advanced SMS platform supports dedicated throughput rates specific to each enterprise customer.

  • One-way or Two-way SMS

    SMS delivery and reception is highly flexible, with either 1-way or 2-way communications anytime.

  • Delivery Receipt (DR) notification

    Message delivery status can also be verified online in real-time according to Delivery Receipt (DR) notifications from the subscribers’ mobile devices.

  • Global Coverage

    CITIC Telecom International’s secure system also supports multiple languages and lets end-users send and receive messages across more than 600 destinations, all with highly competitive pricing.

  • Mass Broadcast SMS

    We also provide a bulk SMS service option for business customers who wish to send mass communications in a high volume scenario, to specific destinations where development or customization is required.

  • Multiple languages Messaging

    Customers can tailor messages, texts or other content, which we will help send to CITIC Telecom International’s mobile operators who have agreed to receive such information.